Every unemployed person is in some different position. For sure it is a much different situation to manage than when you have a job. It is a unique experience. This is not a place to panic; it is a place to take a breath and start making a plan. There are many ways to save money when you are unemployed.


Attitude is all there is where you will make a foundation for your next stages. Do not feel bad about yourself, do not fall into depression and helpless feeling. Put all your effort and time in searching for the new job position that will get you back on track. As said, it is a foundation for next steps , not directly connected to managing the money. Keep your day busy, make yourself tasks and steps to follow which will lead you to your finish.

Registration to state’s unemployment office

Registration to state’s unemployment office should be one of your first steps to make sure you receive unemployment compensation. Usually, there is a lot of paperwork, but it is a must at this moment. Cut out all non-essential purchases. Of course, you have to pay for shelter, utilities, food but there is no need at the moment to spend money on your wardrobe, eating at restaurants or cinemas. Be behind for some time; it will not last forever, just be patient. Do not run to pay unsecured debt, or debts such as car payment or mortgage, this is something that will need to wait. Pay your bills first and if you have family take care of them first.


One of the biggest mistakes people do when getting fired is getting to know how much available credit they have. This is not a solution you should rely on. You will just get yourself in much worse position. Before finding your glamorous job position which could maybe take time look around you for some quick incomes. Cleaning, delivering, yardwork will not make you a millionaire for sure, but it will make a difference for sure.

If driving a car or two, which is standard for today, you might be thinking about dusting your bike off. Not only it would benefit your budget but also your health and body condition. Walking is also just fine for around your neighborhood or town and if it is a further place you must visit there is always public transportation. Find out about free activities around yourself. You can’t imagine a range that is offering to you where you don’t have to spend any money. Visiting parks, local museums or even volunteering may bring you contacts that will help your job search in any way possible.


Sometimes it is all about sacrificing your wants to get you where you want to be. Try to stay positive as much time it takes. Surround yourself with people who are here for you in bad and good times. Remember that some of them for sure was in the same position in some time of their life. It happens to everyone, and it is a soluble experience.