There are many factors with a huge influence of not finding a job easily today. From economic downturns which lead to many layoffs, a huge number of professionals looking for work, fast-changing and evolving of job skills and requirements and so on. The economy is creating much more part-time and subcontracted jobs, and this number is increasing with each day. Part-time employment has some advantages for sure, but it also brings lower wages and fewer career opportunities than full-time job roles.

But you shouldn’t get frustrated, instead get educated in any possible way. Job skills are not taught at school, there are many workshops, career placement centers and agencies whose job is to improve you and find you a job.

For sure finding a job is a complicated process but not impossible at all. It is not just in submitting resume online that will produce a callback. Find out where are your skills in demand. Even if it means to position them in some different light meaning where your skills are all related to.


Also, it is for sure always great idea to get and learn some new skills too. But remember for many job openings most important is that elusive quality “TO FIT IN”. It also includes future employee’s temperament, personality, and other required elements. Many companies expect that the perfect applicant will just show up at their door.

Hiring someone with a certain level of trust!

Always get networking, all those managers and recruitment people even sometimes don’t have enough time to get resumes glanced at. The best thing that often happens is a recommendation of you in some network of all these managers. Hiring someone with a certain level of trust is already a big step for both sides.


One of also hard facts today is an unbelievable fast technology development which needs less and less working hands. Unfortunately, many employees are today replaced with computers; it is shown to be much cheaper and efficient.

Especially when one robot or computer does the work of a hundred or even more employees that used to perform. In a connection with this elimination by machine world, there is no creation of more well-paying jobs that will make up these losses.

Do not be too much selective in your job search. Broad your horizons and don’t put the limits on your skills. Be opened to do something less than ideal. Do not be negative, do not blame others for your hard circumstances in life at the moment. That will just contravene your ability to go forward and see all those chances around you. Yes we agree, finding a job is hard but it is not impossible.